EcoPower Boilers

Highly efficient, safe and easy to clean EcoPower Boilers

High efficiency EcoBoilers

Nilfisk was the first supplier of high-pressure washers to integrate revolutionary high efficiency boilers in hot-water pressure washers in line with European legislation. Nilfisk’s efficiency levels are still amongst the highest on the market - ranging between 92% and 93%. Our double pass, labyrinth coil system ensures that Nilfisk can offer high outlet water temperatures at low running cost. A double saving for the user! Low fuel consumption saves money - but higher water temperatures also reduce cleaning time: and thus overall cost in terms of water, fuel, electricity and labor.

The EcoPower boiler possesses a natural Eco Mode: simply set the thermostat to 60 degrees as opposed to full power and fuel consumption is reduced by as much as 20%. Water temperature will naturally be limited - as will the consumption of fuel. Such applications are ideal where high temperatures are not required - such as car cleaning.



Safety levels are unique for standard boilers with 4 significant safety features

Flame sensor standard in order to ensure that a flame is indeed present when fuel is injected into the burning tube.  

Exhaust gas temperature sensor disconnects the heating system in cases of anomaly in the temperature of the exhaust gas before the coil is damaged. This could be, for example, in cases where the coil is clogged by scale

Flow sensor safety ensures the boiler is only running when water is present in the coil

Low fuel safety  ensures that the boiler will only run when there is fuel in the fuel tank, preventing damage to fuel pump caused by dry-run.



QuickService and EasyClean

Nilfisk is also committed to maintaining  our service network to ensure optimal productivity and serviceability. As with all mechanical equipment, regular maintenance prolongs the life of your pressure washer. This maintenance should be easy, intuitive and with a reduction in down time and cost to the user.

The EcoPower boiler can be removed from the machine in approximately 6 minutes – even for the large premium class model with 48 m of steel coil. The service crane allows 1 person to remove and clean the coil in record time and with minimum physical effort. The cleaned coil will then retain its efficiency and be a further source of cost savings.

Access to parts is facilitated by easy-to-open cabinets and easy-to-reach core components. Time spent on maintaining pump valves, seals and other wear parts can be kept to a minimum.

Nilfisk design is not just about saving money... we also focus on the user's health and well-being.

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