Now introducing SC6000 & SC250
Save on cost, not on clean - reduce your total cost of ownership with our innovative solutions

Every second counts

In a busy environment time is vital and every second counts! Nilfisk ensures you get every floor cleaned, from light traffic areas to heavy soiled areas in the most environmental friendly way, easily, efficiently and…while saving money! 

  • Intuitive design makes the machines easy to use 
  • Cleaning functions to be adjusted by the operator on the go
  • Reliable and high quality cleaning machines that are easy to maintain   

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Silence is golden

Spills and heavy traffic needs attention – also during opening hours. Nilfisk machines with patented SilenTech™ technology reduces  sound levels and help you increase your productivity – without disturbing your guests. 

  • Cleaning during opening hours
  • Enables daytime cleaning

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Every drop matters

Nilfisk technologies like Ecoflex™ and SmartFlow™ system have been developed to ensure that your total cost of cleaning is optimized at all times. 

  • EcoFlex™ saves you both water and detergent 
  • Burst of power for extra tough  cleaning challenges
  • Automatic adjustment of solution flow according to speed with SmartFlow™

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The Nilfisk floorcare range has been designed with your everyday cleaning costs in mind. Whether it’s a large warehouse space or a small convenience store, we’ve identified the source of some of the most common cleaning expenses and created smart solutions that reduce consumption and noise levels while making the machines easier to use. Optimising your time, budget and labour resources – so you can save on cost, not on clean.



New models – new innovations

Our two newest models, the SC250 and the SC6000, bring with them several new features that mean it’s even easier to save on cost of cleaning.

SC6000 is designed to give you the best results at the lowest total cost of ownership. Perfect for warehouses, parking garages and large retail applications. 

  • Compact design allows for superior maneuverability and access
  • SmartKey™ allows for different configurations for different users
  • Impact detection system increases accountability therefore reducing machine damage​

SC250 is ideal for small shops, restaurants or fast food chains, and so user friendly it can be used by any member of staff.

  • Sweeps and scrubs at the same time, meaning you save time
  • Most compact and maneuverable battery scrubber dryer in the range
  • Nilfisk’s battery management system maintains performance at the highest level​


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