A more productive everyday

At Nilfisk, we understand that clean goes beyond vacuuming and sweeping. It is a critical factor in operating a smooth, efficient and successful business, and ensuring an easier everyday at home.

For our professional customers, productivity is essential:
  • On-time delivery, reliable and durable cleaning equipment and the most effective machine for the cleaning task all help contract cleaners optimize their business
  • A clean production facility minimizes down-time on the production line
  • Effective, time-saving and user-friendly equipment helps hotels and institutions offer superior cleaning results with less guest disruption

With over 100 years of industry leading innovation, we understand where inefficient cleaning can lead to sub-optimal performance. Our customers rely on our expertise to make sure that the need to clean does not get in the way of running their businesses, and that the demand for cleaning our homes can be met with easy-to-use, efficient equipment.

Nilfisk has become much more than simply a supplier of cleaning equipment. We are a trusted partner in the continuous optimization of our customers’ businesses.