Clearing the way

For a safer, cleaner and more productive everyday

Commitment to make the world a cleaner place

Everyday across the world, you will find dedicated people who are committed to their work. These are the people who clean. At Nilfisk, we share these peoples' commitment and dedication to make the world a cleaner place.
Nilfisk is dedicated to making the world a cleaner place. Since the creation of our first, groundbreaking vacuum cleaner more than 100 years ago, we have been a leading force of innovation in cleaning technology.
We have made it our mission to “enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life”. This is how we empower our customers as a trustworthy partner and why we can promise them that Nilfisk is clearing the way for making their everyday safer, cleaner and more productive.​

The very core of our promise to the customer is that we are there to help make their everyday as smooth as possible. Our products and solutions make other things possible. We clear the way.
Our promise goes beyond supplying cleaning solutions; it is a promise to give our customers the freedom to focus on their business goals and ambitions. ​


We know that clean is more than appearance and convenience. It is a prerequisite for a safe workplace and a healthy environment

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We develop cleaning solutions that provide cleaning efficiency while using less energy, less water and fewer chemicals

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Clean is what we know best – our core competence, our promise to our customers, our value proposition, our DNA

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We optimize cleaning efficiency and minimize cost, downtime and cleaning time

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